Michele Fadda

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Digital entrepreneur and proud developer. Born in Sassari, he spent his first 19 years, doing classical studies, stealing his father's radio books, and learning everything he could about anything vaguely digital, and learning how to program in assembler 8080A assembly by himself, all aged 12.

Arrived as a student in Milan in 1983, he began to write for technical magazines and to work as a consultant for the leading Italian companies involved in the development of firmware, including Olivetti.

Author of about fifty technical articles on digital electronics and programming in magazines.

Earned an MBA, Master of Business Management in 2002 with OUBS, The Open University Business School, following a Diploma in Business Studies. Has strong competences in project management of software projects.

As a consultant, has been involved in numerous projects in Italy, using a variety of programming languages ​​for over 3 decades.

He spent the last 8 years developing mobile applications in iOS and dabbling with back end application architectures. Has a keen interest in crypto technology, starting by developing a firmware DES implementation in 8051 Assembly from scratch, in 1988, without a debugger, passing all the tests NIST of the time. He recently fell in love with Newcastle, where he is now based.