Nick Woodfine

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Nick has been a commercial developer for 15 years working within the telecoms, banking, utilities & public sector, operating freelance for the last 10 of these. Originally inspired to code at an early age through a love of video games. he has returned to his roots developing mobile & PC games & runs a community group to encourage others to do the same.

Hansen Salim

Website: https://hansensalim.com/

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Hansen is a developer and strategist. With 7 years of experience building solutions for SMEs, he spent the last 3 years working freelance while pursuing his PhD in smart systems. Has keen interest in making machine learning relevant for businesses.

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Calum Mackervoy

Website: https://calum.mackervoy.com

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Calum is a full stack developer who has been freelance since graduating from Newcastle University in 2017. He has worked on a wide variety of projects, including an automated billing system for a local ISP, a mailing management server being used within the NHS and multiple commercial apps.

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John Evans

Website: http://bananananaba.com

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John is a philosophy graduate, front-end developer, scrum master and coop expert. Working on a mobile social organisation tool for precarious workers to form agile labour unions, called Wobbly.

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Michele Fadda

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Michele is a digital entrepreneur who has been coding since learning how to program in assembler 8080A at aged 12 and is the author of about fifty technical articles on digital electronics and programming in magazines. As a consultant, he has been involved in numerous projects using a variety of programming languages ​​for over 3 decades. iOS specialist with full-stack experience, most notably in backend and cryptography

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Maciek Bajda

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Maciek is a self-taught web designer and developer. Aspiring game developer and sassy js specialist.

The Wider Network..

We have a wider membership of developers in the North East with a range of skills. On top of this we have sister co-ops in London and across France, and we are well-connected with other software development companies in Newcastle, who we can collaborate with on projects.