What we do..

We are a network of freelance software developers based in the North East.

We bridge the gap between freelancers and the businesses that need them.

We are flexible and manage new projects, adapt existing codebases and provide contracting services to address temporary skills and capacity shortages.

We seek to build long-term partnerships with our clients and have designed our processes to put quality control first.

To discuss requirements, or seek a consultation, please get in touch.

Our Structure

We are a non-profit service co-operative, meaning that our members own equal shares in the venture and Code-Operative's commission is only ever enough to cover operational costs. This means our members can enjoy the benefits of collaboration whilst retaining the benefits of being self employed. Our commission rate is currently 10%

Paris. London. Gatesheid

We are part of a growing community of European co-ops, and have close relationships with various organisations who would like to see us grow

Happy Dev are a large network of more than 300 developers across 5 cities in France. Code-Operative are partnering with Happy Dev on projects and share internal tools and processes.

CoTech is a network of more than 30 technoogy co-ops across the UK, representing over 300 members with a turnover of £10m+. We've been advised by several of their members and attended their annual gathering in November.

Gateshead Council are a forward-looking local authority, looking to help innovative enterprises like ours. They supported our intial set-up with business advice and office space.